Pressed for time – Modulars, pre-fabs or cottage package?

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If you are researching modular homes as an avenue, BEFORE you buy your lot or acreage check out the by-laws and architectural requirements for modulars or cottage packages. You don’t want to get stuck having bought one or the other or both and can’t do what you wanted to.

Modulars are coming into vogue and some are beautiful. Some manufacturers are getting the hint and constructing these homes like conventional homes (2 stories and more) and often your new home can be ready in as little as 8 weeks.

If you also get your site prepared while your new home is being constructed in a controlled environment – you will find you may be home sooner than you think! CAVEAT: – do your due diligence. RESEARCH! What is included in the new home specifications, who is going to do the set up of the home once it arrives from the factory – are they going to put it together? Although this may seem like a logical assumption.

Assume nothing! Although some modular home builders do set up, some don’t …. most do nothing to prepare the site for their arrival AND they don’t put it together. WHAT, EXACTLY do they require of you and/or your site contractor in this regard? How do they want the site prepared – footings? pillars? basement?

Pressed for time   Modulars, pre fabs or cottage package?

The same cautions apply when you buy a cottage package. It’s easy to sell the sizzle. Choose carefully. When you plan it right and know exactly what you’re getting, and when and how much – you can have a wonderfully rewarding experience and enjoy your new home to the fullest.