Problem treating wall of windows

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by Valerie

I have a wall with four narrow (24″) windows on it with approx. 20″ of wall space in between them. This is in a little girls room, what is the best way to treat these?

Problem treating wall of windows

Hi Valerie

I would treat these as individual windows rather than one. The reason is that the 20 inches between each window is just to much to create one window treatment and get it to look just right.

I did a little girls room a couple of years back with exactly the same layout of windows. The way I did it was by fitting blackout roller blinds to each window. You can get them in all sorts of colors and designs these days. So I’m sure you can find something you will like.

Then I fitted a sheer scarf swag over the top of each window. It hung from a simple white wooden curtain rod. It had one swag across the rod. Then the sheer hung down each side to just past the window sill.

This is a very simple but pretty way to dress the windows in a little girls room. You get the practicality of black out blinds. Then the soft girly look of sheer fabric framing the window. As to colors you could go with baby pink for the blinds then lilac for the sheer swags. A very good color combo.

The sheer swags can be made by yourself very easily. Just buy enough sheer fabric of the roll for each window. Then you can machine sew the cut ends or hand sew. The other option would be to use fusible hemming tape. The stuff you use to hem trousers or skirts with using a hot iron to seal.

Best regards