Projector Care & Maintenance

Proper projector care and preventative maintenance for the projection unit can help it to sustain a longer lifespan for the projector and expensive projector replacement parts, while maintaining the high-quality home theater experience that should be enjoyed with any multimedia home projector.

Keeping the screen and the optic lenses clean is imperative to quality performance. Any build up of dust or debris that may attach it to the lens or screen should be kept to a minimum.

Optic Lens Care Care should be taken though, as many cleaning cloths and supplies are in fact abrasive. Any damage done to the optic lenses or projection screen while in the course of cleaning will have the adverse reaction of causing permanent damage that must be followed by costly projector repairs. This is what projector care and maintenance should alleviate, not create.

Projector Care & Maintenance

Two of the most common solutions used for cleaning optic lenses and projector screens are isopropyl alcohol and anti-static electronic glass cleaner. It is very important to use a non-abrasive cloth when cleaning the optics and the screen. Over the course of time these will inevitably get damaged if any types of abrasives are used in the cleaning process.

Cleaning the filter Another very important aspect of preventative maintenance for the home projector is a regular cleaning of the filters on the projection unit. Keeping the filters clean will help to insure that there is proper airflow and ventilation inside the unit. Overheating is one of the most common causes of home projector repairs and also one that can be easily avoided with only a little bit of effort required. It is usually best to schedule the cleaning for some time when the home theater projector will not be in use. Running the projector without the filters installed will actually draw dirt, dust and other abrasive material into the projector, often creating more problems than are solved.

Projector Bulbs The lifespan of projector lamps can also be extended some with a little preventative maintenance, allowing for longer life and better quality picture displays. The projector bulb should never be touched by bare skin. Oils from the skin will bake onto the headlamp creating two bad reactions. The oils will not allow the lamp to heat evenly often causing a premature burnout. The oils from the skin also burn onto the lamp preventing it from properly projecting the optimal light (lumens) to the projection unit. This will have a negative effect on the overall quality of the multimedia display being viewed.

Make sure your projector is securely mounted Occasionally tightening the projector mounts can be a very effective tool for home theater maintenance. While many people will always take care of every other aspect in regards to maintenance, many people neglect to properly care for the projector mounts. The mount screws can work loose over time, especially if the projector is constantly being moved for other projection unit maintenance needs. Taking a couple of seconds every time the projector is worked on to tighten down the mounting screws can increase bulb life, maintain integrity of the electronic boards and help the overall projector performance to remain a high quality viewing experience.

Whether you are a new home theater projector owner or an old hand with home theater displays, proper projector care and preventative maintenance measures are an important part of maintaining the high quality home theater experience that should be enjoyed by all home projector users.