Projector Cases- pack up and go

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Not everybody who purchases a home theater projector will be keeping it in the family room to watch their favorite program. Many people who buy home theater movie projectors buy a portable projector. A portable media projector is frequently used at home but can also be packed up and used on the road. A brand new portable home theater projector costs money. For many people it is a business investment. Like any investment it should be protected. In the case of the home theater projection system, it should be protected with a projector case that is designed to fit and protect the projector.

Not everybody has a projector case for their equipment. Whether it is a home theater projector being stored while it is not in use, or a portable theater projection unit that is being used during travel, the projector should have a protective case. While there are many projector cases available, the consumer should look for one that not only is designed for the media projector they own but also one that will fit their specific needs.

Projector Cases  pack up and go

If the projector is used at home and only brought out of the closet occasionally, then it would perhaps be best to have a solidly constructed, more traditional projector case. Samsonite and other companies make projector cases that will fit this need very well. A projector case like this is usually square with a hard body construction. This allows the projector case to be stored efficiently in the home without taking up too much space while still providing excellent protection for the home theater projector.

If the video projector is used frequently while traveling whether for business or personal use, it will be necessary to look at a little more information to decide which projector case will fit the individual’s needs. If the media projector is going to be checked in at the airport a very solid projector case will be required. These projector cases are available with wheels and handles for ease in maneuvering them around busy airports while still protecting your home theater components from careless baggage handlers and taxi drivers.

Perhaps only the larger components will be checked in during travel and the portable projection unit will be carried on board. There is a wide variety of projector soft cases very similar to those used for laptops. The softer projector case also offers the option of having many side pockets and added storage space which can be used to carry more media content. This projector case can be very efficient if you are traveling frequently and need all of your projection media display content all carried together in one convenient projector case.

Some people have special requirements for their projector cases. One option that is frequently overlooked is to have a custom built projector case. Frequently this can be done cheaper than buying a production case for your media projection unit. Good quality foam is readily available for reasonable prices as is metal. A good welder can put together a diamond plate steel projector case and make the seams almost invisible. While this may add a little weight to your home video projection unit, it will guarantee you added protection of your media and video equipment and frequently be cheaper than buying a projector case off the shelf.