Projector Lamp- one of the most important aspects of a home projection theater system

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The Projector Lamp is one of the most important aspects of a home projection theater system.

A projection media display system is setup so that the light, after being refracted and separated by the basic colors (Based on RGB or Red, Green and Blue technology) is then projected onto a screen in the correct proportions to the correct segment or pixel on the screen. Without the correct lamp, bulb or headlight, the movie projector is unable to send the needed information to the theater projection screen.

The light for a home theater projection system is measured in ANSI Lumens. ANSI is the American National Standards Institute. The ANSI lumens, defines the effective light projection of a projector onto the theater screen. The ANSI lumens are measured by separating one square meter of a screen into nine separate rectangles. The amount of illumination is then measured at the center of each individual triangle and then averaged. This gives the effective amount of lumens produced by the bulb or lamp in the media projection unit.

Projector Lamp  one of the most important aspects of a home projection theater system

If you are buying a new home theater projector, this information should be clearly marked on the package. When buying a cheaper or a refurbished home theater system, it is important to get the information about the lamp or bulb the projector uses.

The quality of your home theater experience is in direct correlation with the quality of bulb or projector lamp you use.

If the home theater projector is situated in a dark room, not as much light is needed to project the information onto the screen. If the media projector is located in a brighter room, especially if there are windows or other outside light sources, the bulb or lamp for the projector will have to be brighter in order to get the maximum quality picture.

The home theater projector should be researched to make sure that it meets the necessary requirements for placement in the proper location. If the home theater projector will be used in a number of different locations, it is highly recommended to use one with a better quality head lamp or bulb. The contrast of the projection onto the screen can be adjusted to properly view in a darker room.

However, if the projector lamp is not sufficiently bright, quality will be lost in viewing areas with more outside light sources.

More often than not, a large home theater projection system will be in a single location. When considering where to place the home theater system, it is important to note the surrounding light sources and whether they are constant or varied.

It is most important to know what kinds of light will be around the projector screen. If it is a portable unit, the portable screen can be moved. If the unit is going to be stationary in a brightly lit room, a high quality, high lumens projector lamp or bulb will be needed.

A little research on the home theater projection system will provide all of the necessary information to ascertain whether or not it will be compatible in that location.