What is Property Renovation ?

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Property Renovation is repairing a property to bring it upto its marketable/sellable condition. An experienced Property Investor will make large sums of money in such a Renovation Scheme. However, it requires one to have adequate experience to know which Property to invest in.

It also requires assessing a property and making reasonable investing judgments as to whether a particular property can produce a capital yield, that the cost of repairs is manageable, it can easily be sold on and the turnaround of the project.

All of these factors contribute to it being an investment that beginners must weigh up carefully before making a commitment. I would personally seek a Partnership if I were to undertake this sort of investing as cost will be a crucial factor. Funds must be readily available and monitored and a tight budget must be in place to keep the cost down.

What is  Property Renovation ?

Even if all factors have been taken onboard, there is still the risk that the asking price for the property may not be achieved. The selling of the property is crucial at this stage. The resource aspect should have been taken care off before any work is carry out and the cost budgeted and controlled. To attain a better perspective I would recommend reading Property Renovation by JoJaffa.