Pros and Cons Of Computer Training Videos

Computer training videos offer you another dimension in the learning experience. By utilising two of your senses at the same time, sound and vision, you enhance the training effect making it easier to retain what has been learnt.

Computer training videos work in a similar manner to other types of self help videos, by presenting in step by step format the processes involved in using a particular software package. Typically you can expect a computer trainer to show you how to do various functions in a logical manner. It will be then up to you to put into practice the things you have learnt and remembered from the sessions on video.

Computer training videos offer the following benefits:

1) Audio/visual stimuli, making retaining information easier.

2) More affordable than taking a class.

3) Opportunity to pause, rewind and play again a particular lesson if not understood the first time.

Computer training videos have the following disadvantages:

1) Not interactive in real time

2) You must remember what you learnt and then at a later time practise it.

Pros and Cons Of Computer Training Videos

3) Cannot easily go directly to a particular session to learn about a specific topic. You need to rewind or fast forward the tape.

4) Like books, cannot be updated to include the latest software versions.

Computer training videos can be successfully used in conjunction with other computer training media to add to your learning experience and improve your computer skills.