Psi Wheel Exercises

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Once you can make that connection you can increase your abilities with other psi wheel exercises.

The first of the psi wheel exercises I would recommend is to try to have complete control over the direction the wheel spins. If it starts to spin opposite of your intention, stop it and continue to will it in the direction you want it to go. A positive affirmation such as, “Telekinesis is real, I can consciously move this at will, I have telekinesis.”, will help to convince your subconscious mind to connect with the conscious intention you’ve set. Continue this exercise until you have the ability to move the wheel in either direction at will every time.

Try to maintain a smooth rotation in one direction for a while. Then bring it to a complete stop. Hold it there for a moment. Then make it rotate smoothly in the other direction for a while. Then bring it to a complete stop. Continue this exercise until you have it mastered.

Once you have these two control exercises mastered you can then increase the challenge by switching materials. If you were using foil now switch to paper. If you were using paper now switch to foil.

Also, try to increase the weight or thickness of the material being used. At this point paper may be a better material because paper is usually thicker and heavier than foil. If you really like foil though I suppose you could just fold it up until it is thicker and heavier than whatever you are currently using.

Psi Wheel Exercises

Another thing you can do to increase your ability is place a glass jar or some kind of see through container over the psi wheel and then see if you can still perform some of these exercises. If you can then congratulations because your well on your way to becoming a master of telekinesis.