Puppy Training Can Be Fun

Puppy Training Is Fun!

When puppy training you will have to prepare yourself for a fun time. You will need to be firm, gentle, calm, and patient. It is never too early to start their sessions. The sooner the better. It is not going to go perfectly at all. You will have some setbacks.

Most classes will take about 8 to 10 weeks. Please be patient it is worth it in the end. Buddy went to his puppy training classes once a week for 8 weeks. The last week was his graduation day. I had to train him on what he was taught that day for 15 minutes a day 3 times a week. I had to make it fun for him. He ended up loving me saying,” Buddy want to do class?” He just got so excited he would do the lesson for me in 5 minutes. We celebrated his progress with outside fun activities.

Puppy Training Can Be Fun

In class the 1st week is walking on a leash and collar. 2nd week is heel (walking with you on your left side) not walking in front or behind you. The 3rd week is to heel and sit. The 4th week is to heel, sit and stay. The 5th week is to heel, sit, stay and down. The 6th week is to heel, sit, stay, down and come. The 7th week is to combine all above heel, sit, stay, down and come. The 8th week is to do all of these with the leash dragging on the side of your puppy. The reason for that is to be able to catch your puppy if he darts away. The last week is to do all of the commands without the leash and collar on; for graduation day! I did the dragging off the leash inside and later moved buddy outside in a fenced in yard. It was really very exciting to see him follow my commands with his eyes looking at me and waiting for his good boy praise.

I taught Buddy with no treats. He did all of the commands happily. If you teach your puppy with treats you will have to do it that way forever. I did not want him to be awarded with treats for commands he needed to learn. I personally thought in treating him he would only do it for the treats. I also did not want him to gain weight. He only weighed 1.75 pounds; at the time of the training. Now he weighs 6 pounds at the most. When I got my puppy (buddy) I took him to a professional puppy trainer. He loved going and was a happy dogent (student). After 22 minutes he could walk on a leash. At first he was a floor mop. He was not going to give in but had too. He actually was proud of himself that he finally did it.

The first day you are going to need to get a leash and collar. A nylon will be a better choice while your puppy is small. Remember to replace the collar as they grow. When they get bigger and not chewing any more, then get the pretty leather collar.