Purchasing R.V. Cover – Choose Wisely!

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What do you need to know to make a wise decision when purchasing an R.V. Cover?

If you’re looking for options concerning an R.V. cover, here’s the biggest piece of advice I can give you: do it right the first time! I’ve heard too many stories from frustrated R.V. owners who tried to save a buck. They purchase some type of canvas covering, supported by PVC pipe. Then they battle the elements, replace pipe, battle the elements, replace canvas, battle the elements… and you get the idea.

Metal R.V. covers are designed with maximum height for your recreation vehicles. Without any special engineering the legs can be as high as 12’ – making the peak at least 15’. Since your main concerns are likely to be sun, rain, and snow, then your primary interest should be the roof design. All metal carports come with either a standard roof, boxed eave, or vertical roof option.

Purchasing R.V. Cover   Choose Wisely!

Sometimes it is wise to enclose one or both sides, either partially or fully. This is especially true if one of your sides is predominantly facing the western sun.

If you do want a leg height of 12’ then you might want to consider some additional options. In all honesty, 4’ bracing on all legs is a must. Choose 12 gauge tubing instead of 14 gauge. The 12 gauge has a better warranty, but mainly has a greater tensile strength (the ability to undergo heavy load and tension). It would also be to your advantage to purchase a couple of extra bows and legs, spacing them closer than the standard spacing. This will add to the strength of your building.

Is your installation going to be on natural ground? If so, then purchase mobile home anchors to ensure your building’s stability against strong winds.