Put all those straggler puzzle pieces to work as a craft project

This is another craft to use up some of those (what do I do with these?) items – puzzles with missing pieces.


Cardboard (big enough to make the size of wreath you desire)

Old puzzle pieces (any size, a five inch diameter circle would take from 35 to 45 small pieces. Larger wreaths look better with larger pieces and will take more pieces. To find how many you need, lay them around the circle the width that you want and usually 3 or 4 pieces deep)

Paint (any kind of craft paint you like using, and again any color, your choice)

Glue (probably school glue for younger folks, or hot glue gun if your of age Put all those straggler puzzle pieces to work as a craft project )

Silk flowers, beads or other decorating items (size and type depending on size of your wreath)

Ribbons (color and type to coordinate with your other materials) twisty tie wire

Put all those straggler puzzle pieces to work as a craft project

1. Lay all of your puzzle pieces face up on newspaper or plastic and paint the front of all the pieces. If they need it ,give them a second coat.

2. While your puzzles pieces dry you can work on the cardboard base for your wreath. For the outer size of your wreath find a round object and trace it onto your piece of cardboard. Some ideas might be – a jar lid, plastic container lid, small saucer, a bowl or a large plate if you are really ambitious. Now you are going to make a cardboard donut so find a smaller round object to fit into your circle and trace around it as well. You could just free hand it if you are good.

3. Now your base is ready and your puzzles pieces dry. Using a glue gun or regular glue start glueing the pieces onto the base. Regular glue does work you just have to make sure you let it dry completely before handling it too much.

4. After you have finished the basic wreath, you can now decorate it. You can glue silk flowers, beads, candies etc… all around it or group them on one side.

Then make a bow or loops and let ribbon tails hang down. Use your imagination. To hang it loop a twisty tie and tape it very securely onto the back. Your done!

ADDITIONAL HINTS: If your wreath is small enough and you want to make a refrigerator magnet out of it, just glue a magnet onto the back instead.

Or if you are one of those “get things done ahead of time” people, you can use Christmas colors and make wreath gift ornaments and be already for Christmas way early.