Q&A on Eating in Puerto Banus, Spain

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Question: “We are coming to the Puerto Banus area in August, we have 3 children under 10 and wondered if you know 1 or 2 places that we could take the kids to eat in where they won’t get bored and where they will eat the food?”

Answer: “There is TGI Fridays in the Port which is really good with kids and the food is good too. They have high chairs if you need and also give colouring etc. Just next door to TGis is Metro who do pizza and pasta, who also have numerous high chairs and boosters and also give colouring.

Q&A on Eating in Puerto Banus, Spain
There is also Picassos which is a big Pizzeria on the front line of the port in the middle. Pizzas are big enough for 2 or 3 kids to share. Good value too.”