Quick Info About Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia, is a multicultural cosmopolitan city, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific sea. It is a beautiful city to visit and to live in. It has being named few times the best city in the world and also the most accessible city in the world for wheelchairs, by international organizations.

Vancouver’s “officially” rainy season is from November to April. Springs are beautiful with flowers everywhere. Summers are expectacular, sunny, green and have gorgeous sunsets. Winters are white in the mountains where skiing can be practice for many month in Whistler, an hour and a half away, and Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain, at about fifteen or twenty minutes, on the North Shore. There are also many golf courts, parks, restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries, etc.

Victoria is the capital of the province and can be visited by ferry 1 ½ hours from Vancouver (you can take the car with you) and by aero taxi, with many sightseeing places to visit like Victoria city itself, Tofino and Nanaimo to name few.

Quick Info About Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver International Airport receives aero planes from all over the world all year round, but it is in summer time when the good weather welcomes tourist of all nationalities who are in their way to see Alaska on a cruise, to visit families, or just to enjoy any of the many events that take place in different places on the city. The airport is situated at the south of Vancouver, close to Richmond’s suburbs. Many visitors come by car through Seattle’s border, also close to Richmond’s area. Seattle itself is at three hours driving from downtown Vancouver.