Quintin’s Homeschool Guitar Lessons

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Quintin is 10 years old and has been taking homeschool guitar lessons for almost a year. He takes lessons at Northridge Music in Citrus Heights, CA. His guitar instructor, Todd Weber, is an old friend of the family – and Quintin thinks he does a great job!

Quintin doesn’t just play guitar – he plays the electric guitar! Quintin’s guitar is a Fender Squire Strat and was a birthday present for his 10th birthday. It was part of a “Strat Pak” and was an inexpensive option for an electric guitar.

Quintin’s homeschool guitar lessons are one day a week and they last for half an hour. His teacher gives him homework every week. His homework consists of practices different chords that he’s been taught and playing along with a CD and music book that he works out of.

Quintin has set a “guitar goal” of being able to audition for his church youth band next year. In the meantime, he’s pretty secretive about his playing. He practices in private and not very many family members have been priviledged to hear him play yet. We’re patiently waiting…and keeping quiet so that we don’t discourage him from sharing when he’s ready!

Quintins Homeschool Guitar Lessons

As you can see, on this particular day, Quintin chose to wear his fire dragon pajamas to guitar lessons. Just another fringe benefit of homeschooling! It was very funny when we pulled out the camera and he said “Oh no Mom! I didn’t get dressed today!”
Good thing Quintin’s teacher is such a good sport! We look forward to being able to share more about guitar lessons in the future. Maybe we could do some snazzy things to the website and download some streaming audio or something!