Quotes on Success And Resources…

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There have been many times when quotes on success, motivation, determination and so on have helped many, a would be failure. If you can learn how to utilize such quotes in a useful way so that your subconscious mind accepts and focuses on them, then you have a very powerful way to consciously make your goals expand.

I’ve made the habit of hanging many pictures and calendars with quotes on success, happiness, motivation, determination and courage. I’ve also got a number of dream boards on my desktop which include my own mission statement and purpose, with all the pictures, phrases and icons that mean a lot to me.

What we focus on all day long expands, therefore if we can sprinkle these positive affirmations around our house, workspace and cars their bound to have a positive effect on us.

I know that sometimes our circumstances don’t make us feel like being positive and we feel like we want to quit our pursuit of our goals, but even if we are sub-consciously seeing these messages all day it does have an affect.

Personal development authority, Brian Tracy in his very own story when he was young states “I was one sale away from homelessness,” and this can be very powerful in either crushing a man or seeing him through to great success. It was because of his mentors he had at the time and his positive attitude in the face of diversity that saw him through. He did what it took and he also focussed on quotes on success, positive self-affirmations and motivational techniques, basically he acted as if he was already successful and over time, it sunk in and he was.

Quotes on Success And Resources...

At some point in every highly successful persons life, there’s been a time of testing the fortitude, attitude and tenacity of their personality. Sure they’ve felt down and even downright negative, yet their personal development and grounding in the energy of the universe (you could call this spirituality, or faith in God also, it’s all about being at one with the universal intelligence) was strong and saw them through.

My own personal study and fascination around quotes on success, affirmations and positive poems has seen me develop my own little technique that I use to calm myself in times of feeling down.

Here’s what I do… I go to one of my favourite websites that have an abundance of positive quotes, affirmations and poems and read them until I see one that really stands out and resonates with my situation.

Here are some of my favourite sites containing quotes on success:

1. www.Famous-Quotes-And-Quotations.com
2. www.MotivatingQuotes.com
3. www.SecretsOfSuccess.com
4. www.WisdomQuotes.com
Now, once I find an effective quote that really moves me and talks directly to my situation, I find a place of solitude and select my favourite soft music, or sometimes sit in absolute silence and I keep that quote or affirmation in my mind. This form of meditating on a positive quote, affirmation or poem and what it really means and how it relates to me and my scenario, will eventually lead to ideas to flow. It’s just like a light globe switching on in my mind, and the secret to this is not to force the ideas but to rather just enjoy the freedom of letting go.

There is one other technique that I really love, and that is meditating to the music and sounds of Holosync technology, you can find out more on this amazingly beautiful experience at www.centerpointe.com and even download a free 20 minute sample, which I highly recommend you do. You will either love this or hate it, some don’t like it, but for me it’s bliss and an extremely pleasurable experience every time I listen to it (usually daily, because I love it!).

Whatever methods or little rituals you have for getting yourself back on track, you’ll learn that over time focussing on quotes on success and positive brain food on a daily basis, will truly turn your life around and make the hard times easier, and make the good times even better!

I truly hope these ideas, quotes and techniques deepen your success in every area of your life, they truly do work and will work for you if you work with, and believe in that they can enhance your life.