Radio Control Helicopters

The most fascinating, rewarding and demanding models in the radio control world. In my opinion it’s also the coolest.

Advanced rotary (helicopter) models not only duplicate fully the manoeuvres of their full size cousins. They do even better as aerobatic models are able to do loops, fly inverted (upside down), etc.

Radio Control Helicopters

Electric (battery) powered models are very popular these days and are excellent for places were noise is to be kept to a minimum. Although IC (internal combustion) engines are now very reliable and give years of service.

VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) models come in either kit, a-r-t-f and r-t-f forms. A-R-T-F (Almost-Ready-To-Fly) models require some work and usually the purchase of additional components – such as the engine or motor. R-T-F models are completely pre-built by the manufacturer, all the components are included and installed.