Radio Control System Components Info


The hand-held radio control component from which your commands are transmitted to the receiver. Most modern R/C transmitters have a battery meter on the front section, so the modeler will always know when the batteries need to be recharged.


Installed in the model, it detects and decodes signals sent from the transmitter. The battery and servos are connected to it. The transmitter and receiver have to be on the same frequency and same be of the same modulation (AM, FM, etc.) in order to function.

 Radio Control System Components Info


Small mechanical devices that convert the transmitters’ signals to physical movement – such as flaps, steering and acceleration.


The receivers and transmitters frequencies are crystal controlled. As long as the crystals are different, models can be operated at the same time and close to each other – hence allowing competitions and races.

Since crystals are very inexpensive, modelers usually carry more than two pairs with them.

Remember that the crystal marked ‘T’ goes in the transmitter and the one marked ‘R’ in the receiver.