Rado Integral Watches – Distinctive Subtlety

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Rado Integral watches are known for their timeless design for sophistication which has made them a popular choice for many.

The integral collection has one of the largest variety of models out of all Rado watches. They feature a wide range of different designs and styles to suit many preferences.

Rado Integral Main Points

The mens Integral series feature a range of sizes that includes medium, large and XXL. The change in dial designs, colour synchronization and luxurious style has made these timepieces a favourite among fashion and watch enthusiasts alike.

Rado Integral Watches   Distinctive Subtlety

  • There are many designs for the Integral and the basis is the colour, which includes the combination between platinum and black, gold and platinum and gold and black.Dial designs range from mother of pearl, plain blue, plain black and stripes with some models displaying the Rado logo. Certain models make creative use of precious diamonds on the case, subtle hour markers and on the roman numerals.
  • Materials used include ceramic case and bracelet, leather strap on limited models, titanium clasp, sapphire crystal glass and diamonds.
  • Additional functions and features include chronograph, date and an extra digital display at the bottom of the dial.
  • Due to the large variety of models that have different features, there is a big gap in the price that ranges from £900 – £3,500 for the mens collection. The highest end being the models that make the most use of the diamonds.

The luxurious elements and subtle style of the Rado Integral collection appeals to a range of professions and personalities. It is the unique characteristics that has captured the eyes and hearts of businessmen and fans of fashion.Although the starting price is humble for Rado’s standards, you will however, have to dig deeper into your wallet for the even more prestigious models.