Ranch window idea

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by Joanne

Hello, I’m having trouble getting creative with the two ranch style windows in a spare bedroom. The windows are 85 inches wide and 27 inches long. The bedroom has lots of sunlight and I like it that way, but would like some privacy at night.

The window casings are painted Antique white and the room is Butter yellow. I live in the North and we have a lot of cold weather. I’d like some good ideas for dressing up some old ranch windows, please!!! Thanks, Joanne Sorry, I don’t have a pic.

Ranch window idea

Hi Joanne

The worlds your oyster when it comes to the right design. It all depends on your taste and the existing decor and furniture.

I would say that although your window is not very deep. I would still go with long curtains it always looks better. You could also drape them back into tie backs and really dress them into their pleats.

If you don’t have a top treatment in mind then go for a decorative rod to match with your other furnishings.

Then to save disturbing them during the summer fit a simple roller blind that will allow some light in but give you the privacy you want.

Then in the winter you could use both the blind and the curtains to keep the room warmer.

Best regards