Randolph Turpin 1928-1966 – World Middleweight Boxing Champion For Sixty-four Days

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Randolph Adolphus Turpin was born in Leamington spa England but his Father Lionel Fitzherbert Turpin was born in British Guiana.(Guyana)

His father Lionel came to England in the 1920’s where he met and married a local girl of Leamington spa whose name was Beatrice Whitehouse.

On July the 10th 1951 Randolph became World Middleweight Boxing Champion – when he beat the Legendary Sugar Ray Robinson at Earls Court London in front of eighteen thousand spectators.

Randolph Turpin 1928 1966   World Middleweight Boxing Champion For Sixty four Days

Due to a clause in his contract though, he only held the title for sixty-four days and the fight was set for a rematch. This took place on 12th September 1951 at the Polo grounds New York in front of 61,437 people and Sugar Ray regained the Title.

On 17th May 1966 Turpin died but some years ago in 2001 a statue in memory of him was erected in Warwick Town square England and his name with all that he achieved has also been recognized and entered into the American Hall of Fame.