RC Jets – What a Ride

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Of the different types of rc airplanes, rc jets stand out as the ultimate thrill in this already exciting hobby. Turbine or jet engines for these rc airplanes are real jet engines only miniature. Obviously for more advanced pilots. This is where the hobby can really get expensive. At around $2000.00 for the engine and several thousand more for a jet model to put it in, flying one of these would not be for the faint of heart. But buckle up because your hotrod will be doing around 200 mph!

For those of us on a tighter budget, don’t loose hope. There is a cheaper option with the look and feel of a jet, albeit not as fast.

They’re called ducted fan engines . They are usually electric but can use a gas engine. It is basically a tube with a motor mount and fan blades inside. For example, you would mount an electric motor inside the tube and the shaft of the motor would turn the fan blades. The power that they produce is normally about the same as if the same electric motor was driving a normal propeller so the purpose of installing a ducted fan motor is mostly for the look and feel of a jet.

RC Jets   What a Ride

If a model of a jet has a propeller on the front or back, it tends to look a little hokey, (sorry if I offended anyone by that statement) so you can still fly a sleek rc jet model and impress everyone, it just won’t have the speed and incredible sound of a true rc jet.