Reality Checking – Are you dreaming right now?

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The key to lucid dreaming is to get into the habit of reality checking. This simply means to test whether or not you’re dreaming at frequent points during the day. Eventually you’ll have trained your brain into asking the question, and will do the same thing in your dreams.

So, stop and think about things which often happen in your dreams, but not in real life. Some of these will be personal to you – read through your journal and note common events.

Top Reality Checks:

  • Reading a Book – or newspaper, or website. Look away, ask whether you’re dreaming, and look back again. In dreams, the text will usually have changed, or be impossible for you to read clearly. You can try the same thing with clocks or watches.
  • Try the light switch – or computer, or stove. Mechanical objects frequently won’t work right in dreams. I find this works well with cars and driving – the pedals never seem to respond to me when I’m dreaming!
  • Try to Fly – flying is fun! One of my best lucid dreams came when I thought I was awake and had sleep paralysis, and was trying to get out of bed. I found myself flying out of the window, and realized I must be asleep after all!
  • Ask “where am I? – look at your surroundings and make sure they’re what really should be there. Is this really what your street or bedroom looks like? If it’s not, you’re dreaming.
  • Try more Impossible Things – such as sticking your finger through your arm or hand.

Remember, the idea is train your brain to perform reality checking – get used to questioning whether you’re dreaming while you’re awake, and eventually you’ll start doing it in your sleep.

Reality Checking   Are you dreaming right now?

Remind Yourself to Check Reality

Write an A on your palm, and ask yourself if you’re awake each time you see it.

Write “am I dreaming?” on post-it notes and stick them on your mirrors.

If anything out of the ordinary happens, question whether you’re dreaming!

You can discover more clues to whether you’re dreaming by examining your dream signs and performing a reality check when you encounter them.