Realize Your Dream

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When you decide to live your fabulous live you will also realize it’s time to realize your dream – whether it is going back to school, make a million, start your own company or taking the holidays of your life.

Everything starts with a dream or with daydreaming. Daydreaming is simply a way of activating the law of attraction: What you think of is what you’ll get. Want to realize your dream? Think about it. But watch out that you don’t get so desperate for something that you almost chase it away.Relax!

There’s nothing magic or mysterious about the law of attraction and to illustrate it, I’ll come with a few examples from my own life – to hopefully inspire you to realize your dream:

Years ago, I decided that the summer of 2005 we’d drive from Greece, where I live, to Norway, where I was born. That’s 6000 kilometers across Europe. I was convinced we’d go and would sit plan routes on the map and look at interesting sightseeing points along our way. Tuscany would absolutely be a stop, but should we spend some days there or just one night? Where would we stay? Should we travel trough Austria or Switzerland? Should we take the boat from Denmark or from Germany?

I was planning, daydreaming. There only was this slight problem: Our old Renault Clio would never survive a trip like that, besides how would it fit all four of us plus luggage? And then there was the money, of course. Or lack of it, rather.

Realize Your Dream

First I started dreaming about the new car..I’d sit on my terrace, looking down to the village road and imagine this new Renault Kangoo driving towards our house, turning into my yard and my hubby opening the door and getting out of it. (Occasionally I’d dream about a Chrysler, as at first I couldn’t make up my mind what car I wanted). I’d visualize us driving through Italian villages and across the Norwegian mountains in this car. I’d even fantasize about me cleaning the car (now that’s what you call a sick fantasy!).

It only took a few weeks before I got this light bulb idea on how we could finance a new car for less than 30 Euros a month. Nothing magic – just the possibility of expanding the mortgage on our house. Many of you have already done that to buy a car – I didn’t even know it was possible here in Greece, but found out “accidentally”. “Accidentally” or by law of attraction? Who cares. We got our new car. You want to realize your dream and you don’t really care how, do you?

Then there was money for the trip. A big amount came when my stepdad’s mum sold her house and my stepdad decided to give me some cash. Now, that was unexpected! Then there was some royalties, a check here and a check there – by the end of April I had enough savings to say that we’d leave in June.

Never ever wait to plan something you want to do until you have the money!

Here’s another example:

Now I had read The Science of Getting Rich and wanted to test out the system. I decided, like many of us does of fear for the BIG things, on something small; a laptop. There was no money on our budget for a new laptop. I already had a pretty new stationary pc and didn’t really need a laptop. I just wanted one.

So I started imagining one. I downloaded pictures of sexy laptops and stored on my desktop. I started hinting to my husband, who hates computers, that a laptop would be nice. Useful. Practical. I was visualizing taking the laptop with me everywhere, even to bed, to watch a movie or to work on my website. Like I said – to realize your dream at first you make it a fantasy.

And what happens?!!! The computer-hating husband I mentioned above comes home one night and asks if I want a laptop? I was so surprised that I almost lost my speech, but luckily managed to whisper a “YES!”. It turns out he’d been out with a friend, who’d brought a friend, and this friend of the friend was importing and selling second-hand laptops. So here I got this great machine for a very little money (actually, no money at all, as hubby in typical style did some kind of exchange of things and favours).

Was it “accidental”? I don’t think so. If I hadn’t heard about Law of Attraction and The Science of Getting Rich I wouldn’t even have thought about getting a new laptop. I would settle for “can’t afford it” and forgotten all about it!