Really effective basketball offensive play

Inside, and slightly to the rear pick on #5′s man. #5 fakes the stab step to baseline, then comes back around pick by #3, and continues on as the second cutter. If this play is performed properly, it is almost impossible to stop #5 from getting the ball, and the shot.

Really effective basketball offensive play


The value of the pivot man is of course obvious in the single post offense. It is also easier to build an offense around an outstanding pivot man, than any other single ball player.

The pivot man does not necessarily have to be a big”goon,” in fact he doesn’t have to be the tallest man you have. The small agile man with quick hands, who is a good passer can be a very valuable pivot man. Johnny O’Brien,the 5’9″ Seattle U. star was an All-American, and he played the center position on many occasions. Gene Melchiorre, former Bradley U. pivot man was only 5’9l/2″, but in 1950he was not only a unanimous All-American pick, but the No. 1 draft choice of the Pro’s. The real success of the small pivot man lies in his ability to get good position.Once he has acquired this knack, the success of the team is assured.