Recipe for: Redbeet Deviled Eggs

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Start with:
-3 or 4qrt crock with lid. Improvise if you need
-one dozen eggs plus an extra two
-2 cans 15oz. redbeets or, use fresh redbeets; cook till soft, peel skin and save the juice!
- white vinegar
- water
-salt, pepper
-3-4 garlic cloves
-med onion
-about 3 heaping tbls mayonnaise
Hard boil your 14 eggs then rinse with cold water and place in ice cold water for about 5min (this makes it easy for peeling). Ah ha. did one of the eggs crack or get yucky after boiling?… eat it. That’s why there’s 14!

In your crock:
- pour the liquid of your 2 cans of beets
-add salt and pepper generously
-add cloves chopped small
-fill one of the beet cans with vinegar and the other with water (rinsing out the left over beet juice) and pour into crock -peel your eggs. They should still be a bit warm- place in the crock of juice
(In the pickling juice you can be creative! I like trying different things.. like hot pepper)
Now let sit at least 24hrs. or until eggs are nice and beet colored. The longer they sit the darker they’ll be.

Recipe for: Redbeet Deviled Eggs

Take out eggs and cut in halves longways
Remove the yoke and place in bowl to mix deviling
Set eggs aside on dish or plate

Devil mix:
Use fork to break up yokes
chop onion in small pieces and add
salt, pepper
add several pinches of parsley- fresh is always best cut small
Stir it up and use tsp to fill eggs. Try to have a bit of juice in egg before adding deviling.
Top off with sprinkled paprika
Of course you can add or change anything with this. My favorite is to add crispy crumbled bacon to the devil mix! Or, add Old Bay to pickling or devil YUM!