Recycled Golf Balls Are A Great Bargain

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“Use recycled golf balls” is probably the single best advice a frugal golfer can get.

From scratch golfers to duffers and for anyone in between, you can get quality recycled balls that will suit your game and are virtually indistinguishable from new balls in appearance and playability. AND, there is no reason to ever pay more than HALF the price of retail for these balls!

How often have you hit a brand new ball once or twice & then lost it? Retrieving & recycling lost golf balls is big business on the internet. These companies typically have up to 4 grades of golf balls. The top of the line are usually called AAAA, PEARL, PERFECT, 1st QUALITY, or GRADE 1. These balls will look and play perfect (although you will occasionally find logo balls among them). The next grade will have minor cosmetic imperfections, but will play perfect. The third grade will have noticeable scuff marks, but are still playable. The fourth grade are suitable only for practice.

I have been playing the top grade (I’m a bit picky) recycled golf balls for the last 4 years & I can honestly tell you that I have never been disappointed with the appearance or performance of a single recycled ball. Should you play with either of the top two grades, neither you or your playing partners will be able to tell that you didn’t start off with a new ball!

Recycled Golf Balls Are A Great Bargain

So, how much can you save playing with recycled golf balls? Let’s take, as an example, the very popular (and very expensive) Titleist Pro V1. Although the MSRP for a dozen of these new balls is $58, you can find the same balls on the internet for about $45. Compare those prices with recycled Pro V1s. You will pay $24 for a dozen of highest grade Pro V1s, $18 for the second grade ball, $14 for the third grade, and $8 for the fourth grade (all prices approximate). With these kinds of savings, you can easily finance an extra round of golf!!!

When you combine the frugality of the recycled golf ball with selecting the right golf ball for you , savings can become even more impressive. The Titleist Pro V1 is the best selling golf ball for a good reason – professional & low handicap players love it for its outstanding performance characteristics. Many mid & high handicappers then reason it is the best ball for them, but in most cases it’s not! The design of the Pro V1 makes it best suited for golfers with a very high swing speed who control the ball well. If that description does not fit you (feel distance challenged? fighting a slice?), you will be much better off with a considerably cheaper ball. The top grade recycled golf ball that is the best performance ball for many of you, especially the high handicapper, will cost much less that $10 per dozen.

Think back to how you winced the last time you lost a $4 golf ball? How much less would that pain have been with a $.60 ball? Not only that, but if you hit that $.60 ball further & straighter, you probably don’t even lose it!