RediCard Hotel Reviews

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Red Roof Inn is US hotel chain with primarily location in the Midwest, the East and the South. It was incorporated by founder James R. Trueman in 1972. Its first Inn opened in Columbus, Ohio, with a single room rate of $8.50 in 1973. Today, Red Roof Inn has more than 325 locations. Hotel offers very simple, but useful Loyalty program – RediCard®.

In Chicago Red Roof Inn offers 11 locations within 40 miles with one location just in The Loop.

Earn with Hotels in Chicago

You will earn 10 points for each dollar you spent in any Red Roof Inn hotel.

Price range in Chicago

In Chicago Red Roof Inn offers hotels with rates starting from $40 till $102. The highest rate is in the downtown. The average rate is around $50.

Other programs benefits

As a RediCard Preferred program member you will receive the following benefits:

  • A member-only toll-free reservation line
  • Express check-in
  • Free USA Today delivered to your door
  • 5 free outbound fax pages per stay (US only)
  • Regular newsletters to keep you updated on special offers and benefits exclusive to RediCard Preferred Members
  • Regular summaries detailing points earned and awards issued and redeemed

RediCard Hotel Reviews

Spending or Reward part

RediCard program for its members offer couple options for Reward:

  • free stay in Red Roof Inn hotels
  • transfer points to Delta SkyMiles program
  • Use them from T-Mobile HotSpot 1-day prepaid cards.