Redwood Valley Wine Country

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The Redwood Valley AVA is located north of the city of Ukiah in Mendocino County. Planted vineyards in the region are generally about 800-1000 feet above sea level. The valley was granted AVA status in 1996.


The first vineyards were planted by early Italian immigrants in the mid-nineteenth century. The Lolonis Family began producing wine in 1920 and currently owns over 350 acres in the AVA. The Fetzer Family arrived in 1968, and began their hugely successful line of wines in the valley.


The region is slightly cooler than the McDowell Valley AVA to the south. Much of this temperature change is due to its slightly higher elevation. Additionally, an adjacent low point in the Coastal Mountain Range exposes the region to some cooling winds from the Pacific Ocean.

Many of the growers in the AVA use sustainable and/or organic farming methods. Lolonis and Frey Vineyards have led the way in producing economically successful wines that are also environmentally friendly.

Redwood Valley Wine Country

Redwood Valley Varietals, Wines, and Wineries

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most successful varietal, although some traditional Italian varietals also do quite well in the region. Zinfandel and Petite Syrah are grown to a lesser extent.

The cool, moderate temperatures of the AVA causes the growing season to be long and methodical. Grapes grown in the Redwood Valley have an exceptional balance of tannins, acid, and fruit flavors and aromas.