Relationship-building is key to a healthy and happy life

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10 skills that will enhance your love-life

In Relationship-building, For Things to Change, You have to Change first.

Our human nature being what it is, most of us who have relationship troubles think that changes need to be made by our spouse, not ourselves. But we often don’t realize that we have no control over our partner’s behavior. As a result, we develop a sense of hopelessness and helplessness about the relationship-building. If only he or she would change, everything would be fine – or so we think.

The breakthrough comes when we realize that by making even small changes in ourselves, we can cause big, positive changes that make us more hopeful and open to our partners.

Add to your relationship-building, acts of thoughtful kindness. Compliment your partner on how he or she looks, touch your partner’s back when you walk by.

Love can boost the Immune System

Love is the most powerful emotional experience, and studies have shown that while you are feeling it, a great number of endorphins and immune cells are produced. Even watching movies about love or altruism has been shown to increase levels of immunoglobulin, your first line of protection against cold and flu.

Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones

Human touch,has long been recognized as a powerful technique, babies who are constantly touched and hugged, developed high self-esteem and self- confidence. This human touch increases the production of endorphins, growth hormone, all of which lengthen your life span and lower the negative impact of stress. The human touch cannot be under estimated, studies have shown that patients who are regularly touched recover faster than those who are not touched. So give that special someone in your life regular hugs or massages and see both your moods — and health — improve.

Relationship building is key to a healthy and happy life

The Family That Prays Together Stays Together

Centenarians are loved and cherished by their family members; studies show that people that have happy family lives tend to have a longer life span with fewer illnesses. A God-centered relationship with your family does not come automatically, but it is well worth the effort to build and maintain one.

Investing in your relationships will give you a life rich in love, respect, and a sense of belonging. Fill your family with happiness based on prayer, respect, trust, mutual help, love, peace, listening, sharing, humility, honesty, and fairness.

We can’t live without Hope…

Sometimes, even the most destructive fights and conflicts start with good intentions. Never lose sight of those good intentions that a fully satisfying relationship-building can be achieved.

Faith, hope and love are three virtues that are inseparable. Have faith in God, love your family and maintain a resevoir of hope.

Communicat honesty and truth:

Communication goes far beyond talking. As one of my mentors once said: “you cannot not communicate”, meaning that we are always communicating, even when we a sleeping.Therefore, if you are being dishonest to your partner, it will be revealed. Speak the truth always and you’ll be happy and free.

More Love in Your Life

So then, if love equals health, how do you improve your health? Share your time, energy, and self with loved ones. Look for ways to give back to them and make them happy. For instance, you might cook a meal or do the dishes as a pleasant surprise.

Or you might even send them a card, listing all of their many special qualities. It does not need to be anything big or expensive, but it should show that you care and appreciate them. What goes around comes around. As you give freely of your love, you will receive meaningful love in return.

Perform Acts of Kindness and make constructive criticisms

It may be ignored but never forgotten, the acts of kindness you give to your partner. Always be in control of yourself.

You must learn how to manage your anger and control the exchange of negative behavior by finding a way to express the feelings in a constructive manner. Constructive expression of gripes, criticisms, and annoyances is a matter of knowing how to express yourself and choosing the appropriate time and place for the conversation.

It’s not the Events that affect us, Rather it’s our Reaction to them.

How you choose to react to a situation will either make or break the relationship-building. Rather than focusing on areas of agreement and disagreement, develop good listening skills. These skills have nothing to do with eliminating differences, forcing consensus, or giving advice. Listening skills involve understanding and acceptance of differences in personality and taste. Having a good listener is having a good friend. In a happy relationship, a partner can count on his or her mate’s being a good friend and never a judge or counselor. Learning to listen and react appropreately is key.

Practise Relationship-building Skills to become good at Them.

If you are going to be happy in your relationship, the answer is not to change your partner. For a happy relationship, you must learn to manage the conflicts, angers, and disagreements that are common to all relationships.

It is so unfortunate when partners enter into relationships with no agreed-upon rules or skills for handling the differences that are an inevitable part of all relationship-building.

Without rules, in the face of conflict, you are often going to resort to forms of guerrilla warfare with random sniping that can seriously wound your mate.

Learn to take control of conflicts, instead of allowing conflicts to take control of you. I wish for you good health, long life and happiness!