Renaissance Faires and Costumes

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Renaissance Faires, a visit to one of these Festivals can be an enlightening experience, If you want to participate you may find that Costumes may be available as a rental or may be bought, these attractions have a large following, especially in the USA,and the UK, each year people flock to these festivals for the purpose of being able to dress-up, where they can feel a part of the festival, where they can mingle with such historical figures as, Jesters, Jugglers, Fools, Minstrels, lords and Ladies, peasants, Knights, Soldiers.

Renaissance Faires and Costumes

Rental costumes are usually available at most of these affairs, these costumes will enable you to partake in the fun, there are an abundance of such gatherings every year and each festival is unique in itself, and may stage it’s history on one key event, or encompass a much larger time in the renaissance period.

Actors and employee,s wear their own renaissance period costumes, or the costumes may belong to the company that is hosting the show, many of the costumes have bee carefully researched and recreated, others give more generic impressions,

You may find Actors speaking in an approximation of words and accents of that time period, if you don’t understand I’m sure they will explain, there may also be a book available to help you understand the spoken words, sword play ,Jousting, and dining with the lord of the manor are fun attraction

At days end Musicians and performers gather together for a sing-a-long where Actors and Patrons can raise their voices, and all join in the pub sing-a-long, early in the season after the show ends some of the Musicians, performers, move on to the next Festival, and so on until the season ends, eagerly looking forward to next years