Renewable vs Fossil – Produce your own energy from alternate energy sources

Focusing on alternate energy sources gives us many interesting points of view. If we go back in time 20-30 years we can see large power stations and a government, which is responsible for generating energy for its country. There are big suppliers, which hold the whole energy market in their hands. Prices are always rising and customers are very dependant. All industries and billions of households need more and more energy. We cannot live without energy.

But we can use renewable sources instead of fossils. We can even earn money from our “micro power station”. Many governments have got great ideas to influence people to change their mind towards environment-friendly technologies.

In most countries of the European Union grants are available even for private persons to help to invest into the installation of micro-power generating systems.

In Germany in the past three years more than 300 000 solar systems have been installed and micro-generation provides approximately 12% of all the German electricity. Householders can earn up to 10% on investing in their own home “power station”. And the earned income pays in some cases even their mortgages!

In the United Kingdom the Conservative party would like to change the centralized electricity system to a decentralized system based on renewables. It will stimulate competition of the energy market and break the monopolist power of energy companies. This will influence energy prices and many householders will wish to install a micro-generator based on renewables, like solar-, wind- and geothermic energy. That will generate a big competition on the market of renewable micro-generators as well, because the developers could combine the heat and power system sharing the cost between many households.

Renewable vs Fossil   Produce your own energy from alternate energy sources

So, these are exciting news. A side effect will be that the CO2 emission will decrease radically by using alternate energy sources. Focusing on global warming and the greenhouse effect it would be a great result. It is clear to everybody that the use of alternate energy sources is a great opportunity for private housholds, the industry, governments and for our environment as well. And anybody can use some kind of renewable energy. So the choice is ours! Why not use them?