Rentals versus Hotels Housekeeping

Rentals versus hotels housekeeping…on a daily basis one has it and one doesn’t, simple as that. What you need to consider as you read the differences below is; what are you willing to do or put up with when it relates to the housekeeping of where you’re staying.

Let me break this down by Rentals and Hotels…

Rentals don’t have a daily housekeeping or maid service, instead you can expect for someone to come through the rental home weekly in between each visitor. When they clean the rental home they empty all the trash, change the sheets, clean the bathroom sinks, toilets and tubs, vacuum the rooms and tidy up. If there are dishes/utensils leftover they clean them, but usually the last vacationer has run a dishwasher cycle so the maids just put the dishes/utensils away. They also clean the fridge, stove and microwave (if there is one). Keep in mind, they do this once week, your responsible for the basics while your there. The homeowner usually leaves basic cleaning utensils and materials for the vacationer in case there is a need for cleanup. On the flip side, you don’t have to leave the home for the cleaning crew nor do you need to put all your valuables away every time you leave the vacation rental.

Rentals versus Hotels Housekeeping

Hotels have a daily housekeeping or maid service who usually empty the waste baskets, wipe down the counters, change out the dirty towels, make the bed (unless sheets need to be changed) and give you new soap or shampoo if needed. Many times they don’t vacuum, they’re basically cleaning and tiding up the room. Regardless, someone is cleaning your room each and everyday, making sure you have clean towels and it’s tided up. This is pretty much guaranteed unless you put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Something to remember though is that you do have to leave the room so they can do their work and you also have to put all your valuables away (this is recommended by all the hotels) prior to leaving the room.

Is one better than the other when you compare Rentals versus Hotels housekeeping, it really depends on your personal choice. Some people opt to have someone clean their room every day and deal with the inconveniences of the maids. Others feel that part of staying in a rental home where you take care of it yourself without strangers coming in daily allows you to feel like your at your “home away from home”. Rentals versus Hotels housekeeping is all about preference.