Restaurants in Elba, Tuscany

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Elba restaurants are everywhere in the island – in your hotel, campsite, on top of a hill, and in the city and town centers.

If you are the type that considers searching for a restaurant a part of the eating adventure, lots of fun awaits you here.

You could start at Piombino, where most people visiting Elba start. Drop by Ristorante Terraza, located atop a bar at the port. This is at Piazza Premuda. Food prices are reasonable, and the picture window of Piombino’s steel mills provide an added flavor to their delicious spaghetti alle vongole.


If time did not permit you to have a lazy lunch at Piombino, you might want to have one at Portoferraio, before heading for the attractions. First on your list of Elba restaurants is La Barca at Via D. Guerrazzi. This trattoria serves moderately priced food along with a friendly service. It is just a few steps away from Piazza della Repubblica.

You could also try La Ferrigna, not far from La Barca. This is one of the most popular eating-places in Portoferraio. Go slow on those heapfuls of seafood antipastos that they serve, or you will not have room for their specialty – the stuffed roast fish and the Elban version of Livornese cacciucco.

Restaurants in Elba, Tuscany

In Poggio

Poggio near Marciana Alta is an attraction in itself.

The village sits atop a hill with a beautiful view of the island.

My fondness for mountain villages brought me to this place, and to Osteria del Noce, at Via della Madonna 27, Marciana Alta. This restaurant in Elba, due to its high altitude, has fabulous views to the sea. The menu includes Elban, Ligurian, and Sardinian specialties. Dishes are served on tables made of old wine barrels (you could still smell the wine).

I especially love their bean and mussel soup, pasta with clams, and courgettes or fresh tuna and rocket. You could also order their equally good grilled tuna steaks. Their catch of the day baked on a bed of potatoes and black olives, is just as enjoyable and unique. Prices are moderate, and booking in advance is recommended.

Marciana Marina

Don’t cross the Rendezvous off your list of Elba restaurants – especially if money is no object. It is at Piazza della Vittoria, Marciana Marina. Try their unique and famous dish of baked potato stuffed with seafood and their crustacean and mollusk soup.


Last but not the least in your list of Elba restaurants is Solemar, a nice trattoria just outside Capoliveri, at Localito Lacona. If pizza is your favorite, this restaurant serves the best and the most affordable pizza in the island.

Along the way to these eating places, you will find more restaurants in Elba that are equally good.

If in doubt, ask the locals for recommendations on where to eat.

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