Resume Template Usage

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Using a resume template can provide a foundation from which you can build your resume, but are these free templates that you find online really effective?

Well, the truth is, not exactly. Remember, an effective resume is an advertisement.

Most resume templates or resume software kits are very generic. Sure, you can generate a resume, but does it sell?

Resume Template Usage

If you have read through this site you’ll now know that it takes far more than just regurgitating your work history on paper! It takes skilful ad-crafting, and you need much more “marketing horsepower” than is found in most generic resume software or template programs!

Should I use a Resume Template?

Whether you use a free template found on the web, buy a software program or any other method of resume writing, you MUST address the critical element of “what sells” that we have discussed on the pages of this site.

You MUST attract your readers attention or you have lost the game. What attracts attention? Your relevant skills and abilities. You must write your for your reader – not yourself. So, how do you best do that? Do it by making the items he or she is looking for easy to find on your resume.

Pay particular attention to the critical elements:

  • Your objective statement
  • Your choice of resume format
  • Review our resume secrets

How you present these elements within your document will impact how easy it is for an employer to find the information he is looking for about you!