Retro! Roaring 20s party!

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Setting your Roaring 20s Party theme, a time of prohibition, speakeasy’s, Charleston, flappers, imagine a party with Gangsters in Pinstripe suits, Fedora’s, toting machine guns,flanked by his favorite moll, decked out in frills and feathers, with a holstered gun in her garter, after World War I, women often accepted jobs and moved outside the home. The change was reflected in the media, working woman that had reached equality with men while still possessing the appeal of the femme fatale,

In the roaring 20s Pantsuits, hats and canes gave women a sleek look without frills while avoiding the fickleness of fashion, in Europe, this look featured women with short hair for the first time, in the U.S., the bob was popularized by actresses in the early 1920s, as a result of this move corsets went out of style, and some women even bandaged their breasts to make them look flatter, Flappers, as these women were called, in America they wore short dresses with a straight loose silhouette, and by 1927, hemlines had risen to just below the knee and they remained there until 1930 when they dropped back down again.

Understanding a Speakeasy, this was a name used during prohibition to describe a place where illegal alcohol was sold, to gain entrance you had to whisper at the small opening on the door, in a low voice who sent you, you may also have needed a password, the speakeasy can be a name coined from the English speak softly shop, a smugglers shop were you could buy cheap smuggled liqueur.

Retro! Roaring 20s party!

Speakeasies became popular and numerous as the Prohibition years progressed and led to the rise of a gangsters era, they operated with connections to organized crime and liquor smuggling. While police and U.S. Federal Government agents raided such establishments they rarely managed to get the big bosses, the business of running speakeasies was so lucrative that establishments continued to flourish throughout the nation, in major cities, speakeasies could often be elaborate, offering food, live bands, and floor shows.

Retro! Roaring 20s party!

Setting the roaring 20s party scene as a speakeasy, A place for the sale of illegal booze. Here, you may have found a Mayor, Police Chief, and other notable figures, add some music from that period of time and get the feet tapping, Ideas and decorating, are available on the net.