Review Of The Innovage Mini Digital Camera

The Innovage Mini Digital Camerais compact and comes in many colors.

It is about the size of a business card and a half an inch thick. This makes it convenient to attach to a key chain, keep in your purse or car, carry in your pocket.

The Innovage mini digital camera also takes a few seconds of video.

It is a 1.3 megapixel camera and is low priced at $15-$25 online.

With all these features in mind I still would not eagerly recommend this camera. In my opinion it’s small size and low resolution make the innovage mini digital camera a poor investment. I think a camera can be too small. Making it harder to use.

While the size of the camera is it’s main feature, because it is so small the LCD screen on the back of the camera can be hard to see.

Also the low resolution would make it difficult to print these pictures. Maybe a 3×5 would work. I would not enlarge or crop the pictures that come from this camera.

Also taking video with this may not work well because of low resolution.

On the other side I have heard that because it is already low resolution the pictures from an innovage mini digital camera are internet ready.

Just make sure that the picture you take, is the picture you want. If you manipulate these much, the pictures will not work well on the internet.

Review Of The Innovage Mini Digital Camera

You could keep this camera around in case of emergencies. Leave it in your car in case of an accident and you need documented proof.

There will be no need to worry about it being stolen because it can be replaced at such a low cost.

But I think with camera phones these days, you would be better off to get a free camera phone the next time you sign up for a plan, or pay the $20 toward a nicer phone.

This will reduce the need for another gadget to carry around.

My camera phone shoots about 15 seconds of video. Not fancy, but since I was already buying a phone it was an added bonus.

As far as pictures being internet ready, I get the same thing from my camera. In fact I have used it for that.

The biggest problem I have seen and heard about these cameras is the software. Many people cannot use their software to upload their photos. What good is a camera without the proper software?

Overall I think the features of the Innovage Mini Digital Camera are not worth your money. Many great cameras are very small and can fit into your pocket, or simply use your camera phone.