Review Of The Kid Tough Digital Camera

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The Kid tough digital camera by Fisher Price is a very popular camera.

This camera is made for young kids who will be extra hard on equipment.

This camera can practically be dropped down the stairs, left in the rain, or get covered with mud and still work! That gets two thumbs up in my book!

Let’s go over the specs

The price range generally runs about $60-$70. This can be found at Target, Walmart, etc. most of the major places.

In fact Target even has it’s own version – different color scheme.

Camera Features

The camera has a 1.3″ LCD screen to view your pics. this should be big enough for your kids to view their recently taken pics on. But it’s not huge.

This is the only camera I have seen. Although there may be others, that has two-eye Viewing. I don’t know if this is good or not, my daughter doesn’t seem to have a problem with the one viewer. I imagine if you are getting a camera for your child he/she has used yours before.

Dual Handgrips & Big Buttons This should help your child be able to handle the kid tough digital camera better! Also be more stable for better pictures.

Review Of The Kid Tough Digital Camera

Simple Controls. So kids can run the camera without needing to run back to mom and dad

Auto Flash I have seen a few kids cameras without flash. But this one seems to be just for show.

From the pictures that I have seen from this camera it is not very good for indoors. The Auto Flash works better than nothing, but just barely.

60 pics/8 MB built in memory. This should give your kid plenty of frames before download is needed. I am not sure if this camera takes an additional memory card to boost the amount of possible pictures.

640 x 480 Resolution This will create grainy pictures if you go bigger than 3 x 5 or 4 x 6. This is the biggest complaint with this camera.

I have heard a lot of people complain that the pics turn out grainy. Don’t have high expectations with this camera. You will be disapointed.

If you just want a camera that will work for kids, not to show pics to your friends and family. It should work!

Another big factor with this is holding the camera steady. One good camera tip I have for anyone, especially kids. Is proper camera holding!

TIP! When taking pictures hold the camera with both hands as steady as possible! Then after you have taken the picture count to 3. That’s right! In your mind, or for your kids, out loud.

After you take a picture, don’t move, look through the view finder until you say 1-2-3. Then move the camera.

Otherwise your kids will click the picture then immediately move the camera to see what their picture looks like. The problem with this is the camera is still taking a picture will you are moving.

If you teach your kids to hold the kid tough digital camera steady for an extra second your pictures should be printable.

CD of Software and USB. This software is pretty standard for any camera. But since it is for kids it is user friendly and fun!

Camera Batteries Requires 4 “AA” (LR6) alkaline batteries (not included), and 1 lithium (CR2032) (included).

Camera is approx. 5½” W x 4″ H.

Overall the kid tough digital camera is great for young kids! I would say age 2-6.

But remember this is more a toy than a high quality digital camera. Your kids will have a great time if you give them some tips.

Although it is sold as a camera that you can just hand your kids without instruction. I wouldn’t recommend it. Take 5 mins. and your kids will enjoy this so much more!

And even if they out grow it the kid tough digital camera should keep working for the next kid or cousin.