Review of the Rakeback at William Hill

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Getting rakeback at William Hill is quick and easy. Just use the link under ‘How do I get rakeback at William Hill?’ below to sign up. You will receive rakeback for both poker and Holdem Blackjack games.

Why do I need rakeback?
By not signing up with a poker room that offers rakeback, you are effectively leaving money on the table. Receiving rakeback can turn ‘break even’ or ‘losing’ players into winners; and significantly increases long-term profits for winning players.

Why use William Hill?
Without a doubt, William Hill are one of the most respected and well established companies within the gambling industry. Not only do they offer poker, but they have a highly competitive sportsbook service. You have a choice of which currency you want your account in and you get your rakeback weekly – not many other poker rooms offer this service.

How much rakeback at William Hill can I get?
Between 20-50% – it depends on how many MPPs (My Poker Points) you earn (see William Hill poker website for further details on MPPs). The more you play the more MPPs you’ll earn and the higher your rakeback. Please see the table below for the rakeback scale:

Minimum MPP/week Maximum MPP/week Net Rakeback
0 99 20%
100 599 30%
600 1,199 35%
1,200 1,849 40%
1,850 2,499 45%
2,500 + 50%

Review of the Rakeback at William Hill

When do I get my rakeback?
Weekly. Rakeback earnt from Monday to Sunday is automatically paid into your William Hill account on the following Tuesday.

Are Sit and Go, and tournament fees included in the rakeback?
Yes they are – for both poker games and Holdem Blackjack.

How do I know how much rake I have been paid?
You will find this information in your account statement.

Who can receive rakeback?
You must be a first time real money player at William Hill to receive rakeback. Due to the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act, William Hill do not accept players from the US.

Do William Hill offer bonuses?
Yes, they do. For details on current bonuses, please see the William Hill poker room website.

Are bonuses deducted from rakeback at William Hill?
No, they are not. The best of both worlds.