Review of the Smart Parts Shocker 2003


Meet the next creation of Smart Parts-the Smart Parts Shocker 2003. Although, at the time it was released, the Smart Parts Shocker 2003 crept onto the market rather silently. Its release was overshadowed with Smart Parts’ seemingly unscrupulous business deals at the time. But don’t let the stealthy issue of the gun phase you, Smart Parts team had put some serious thought and design time into the Shocker 2003. Lets just say, that this Shocker has little in common with its older brother and sister Shockers of previous years. So what does the Shocker 2003 have that the others didn’t?? And more importantly, is it any good?? Well read on and all will be unveiled Review of the Smart Parts Shocker 2003

What you get in the box

· Barrel plug/condom (depending on how you like to say it…)
· Wrench
· 9V battery used as power source for electronic trigger (check to see if the marker is electro and has different firing modes?)
· Parts kit
· Manual and 1 year warranty
· Dow 33 “Shocker Lube”

How does this baby shoot??

Moving swiftly on to what you really want to know Review of the Smart Parts Shocker 2003


Need to find rates of fire in bps

The gun itself has two modes of fire:- so called normal and vision modes. The only difference is in the vision mode; the Vision eye technology the Smart Parts Shocker 2003 is equipped with becomes engaged. The Vision eye essentially a sensor that detects if a paintball is fully loaded before it allows the bolt to be released and paintball catapulted towards its victim. This feature virtually eliminates any ball chopping that might occur in the barrel from a mis-loaded ball and an over anxious trigger-monger. There is one draw back to this, and that’s watch out with darker coloured paint. The Vision eye system often has a little difficulty registering its presence in the barrel. Stick the lighter colours such as yellow, orange etc to be on the safe side. Both the vision and normal mode, by the way, are semi auto in nature.

Review of the Smart Parts Shocker 2003

The velocity consistency of Smart Parts Shocker 2003 is also pretty tight too, with no more 4 feet per second either way. Damn tight Review of the Smart Parts Shocker 2003

The Max Flo regulator that the Smart Parts Shocker 2003 comes equipped with allows for both CO2 and HPA to be used as the ballistic medium of choice. My recommendation is of course to use HPA for its superior velocity consistency over CO2 but the Smart Parts Shocker 2003 handles CO2 admirably. One thing you should possibly look into though is a regulator gauge, any serious pressure spiking in the gun can damage the solenoid. When I say serious, I mean increases in pressures of over 50psi either way that can damage the rather fragile solenoid. A regulator gauge would help in keeping a close eye on this.

There is one thing you have to watch for though…the Smart Parts Shocker 2003 is one helluva “gas-hogging” son of gun. Fortunately Smart Parts have realised this and stocks a high efficiency bolt kit called the Turbocharger bolt kit to remedy this very problem. This should up the gas efficiency of the gun by about 40% and be able to get a load more shots per gas canister. When you have your upgrade shopping list ready, a replacement bolt system should be top of the list.

Accuracy: One thing I have to commend Smart Parts on here, is their choice of stock barrel. Typically the first part of a paintball gun you upgrade is the barrel, as usually companies are a little stingy when it comes to providing a quality stock barrel. But, I can eat my words here though, the Smart Parts All American barrel is a quality addition. The barrel holds good accuracy at both shorter and longer (+100 ft) ranges and I seriously have no complaints about it. There are better barrels out there of course, with Smart Parts very own Freaks barrel kit being one of them, but you seriously don’t have to rush out and replace the stock barrel straight away, like you have to with a Tippmann for instance.

For an even more accurate Shocker though, try the Smart Parts Shocker SFT. The SFT stands for “Seal Forward Technology” which Smart Parts have installed on the SFT to improve the accuracy. Check out the link to see how it works.

Trigger: The Smart Parts Shocker 2003 has a pretty decent trigger actually. If anything, it’s a tad narrow. Nasty or New Designz triggers both have wider berths and a much more comfortable feel.

As far as adjusting the sloppiness and tightness of the trigger, there are three convenient trigger screws that can be adjusted to optimise the trigger feel to your personal firing style.

How does this baby feel in action??: Believe me, as soon as you pick up this gun, the first thing that will hit you is the weight of this baby!! The Smart Parts Shocker 2003 weighs in at around 2 pounds…howzat for a lightweight paint slingin machine J

Its weight, coupled with the nice balance the drop forward gives you, makes for a pretty manoeuvrable piece of kit. As the Smart Parts Shocker 2003 is really aimed at the tourney players and thinking about the guns weight and balance, this gun would make for a mean piece of machinery for a front player.

Even though the Shocker is capable of some pretty frightening rates of fire, the back kick action of the gun is almost non-existent. This goes a long way in increasing the accuracy of the gun. Believe me, your main problem will be getting your trigger-walking down to fine art to keep up with the firing rate of Shocker.

How does the Smart Parts Shocker 2003 shoot, in a nutshell??:

Overall, the Smart Parts Shocker 2003 makes for a pretty well rounded and I daresay, awesome package. With a pretty decent firing rate, accurate stock barrel coupled with a seriously lightweight and well-balanced feel, this gun makes for a force to reckoned with on the tourney circuit. The Vision Eye technology makes for a real smart addition to the gun and virtually eliminates ball chopping. The main thing to watch for is the serious gas-hogging ability of this gun!! Make sure you grab a replacement bolt kit for this gun otherwise you’ll be spending a small fortune on getting new canisters/refilling old ones.


The Shocker 2003 can take a bit of flak and hold its own so, all in all, the gun itself shouldn’t need to much doing to it.

As far as the more routine maintenance goes, the Smart Parts Shocker 2003 is not a difficult gun to strip its just that the maintenance process takes a while…the reason being there are quite a few o-rings to lube up (with the Dow 33 stuff you are provided with btw). Obviously keep the manual handy at all times as always, especially when you are new to the Shocker “stripping and re-assembling” game. Which brings me on to my next point, when the Shocker 03 was released Smart Parts very cleverly forgot to send out manuals with the earlier batches. So if you are buying a second hand model, make sure the manual is there!! As the Smart Parts Shocker 03 is no longer made by Smart Parts, any of the remaining stock of the current vendors should be the newer batches, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But, just check anyways…

The other cool thing is that should practically never have to field strip this gun. When working in Vision mode, the Vision Eye system virtually eliminates all ball breakages so you shouldn’t have to be playing around mid game tryna get all that renegade paint from a burst paintball out of your barrel whilst trying to keep one eye on the game and save your ass from being shot at.

Maintenance in a nutshell:

If you decide to buy yourself a Smart Parts Shocker 2003, you’ve bought yourself a pretty resilient gun that shouldn’t need to much maintenance expect of the routine type. The stripping process is pretty straightforward, just a little monotonous due to the large number of o-rings the gun has. Watch out if you buy a second hand Shocker 03 as the earlier batches were sent out without manuals, so just check.

Lastly the Vision eye system does a damn fine job of stopping ball chopping, so field stripping should just be a point of nostalgia for you with this gun. “Remember the good ol’ days when I had to strip my gun on the field and clean that blasted paint outta ma barrel…”

Suitable for…

Smart Parts really aimed the Shocker 2003 at the mid-high level tourney/speedball player. Not to say it can’t be used in any other type of game, because it can, and to be fair it would probably get some admiring looks down at the old rec ball field. But first and foremost, it’s a tourney gun.

If you want a player position, I’d give this gun to a front player on the tourney field. Mainly because of the flyweight weight category this gun sits in, coupled with its superior balance makes for an incredibly manoeuvrable tool, which a good front player could make serious use of.

Well, lets round all this up then shall we…

Are you thinking of starting to play in tournaments and are not looking at dropping a grand and a half on an Angel or a Timmy?? The Smart Parts Shocker 2003 could be right up your street then. Its not excessively priced at…and provides a solid firepower rate coupled with a surprisingly accurate stock barrel and boasts one of the lightest weights on the tourney gun market. The Vision Eye technology ensures that ball chopping is also a thing of the past and makes field stripping almost redundant. The whole off-field maintenance of this gun is pretty straightforward too.

Couple of things to watch for and that’s makes sure you get a replacement bolt kit for the Smart Parts Shocker 2003, lets just say its not such an efficient gun when it comes to gas chewin’. The Turbocharger bolt kit that Smart Parts provides for this very gun should do the trick. The other thing is, if you are buying this gun second hand; make sure there’s a manual with it!! Smart Parts actually didn’t release a manual with its initial batch.

4 Splats (out of five)