Review of the Spyder E-99

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Ok, I’m gonna go for the weird intro of the Spyder E-99 here… Imagine, if you would, the older Spyder Xtra model paintball gun. But don’t imagine it as a gun, imagine it as a person. Not too sure what kind of person it would look like, but nevertheless hang in there with me Review of the Spyder E 99 Now imagine that person suddenly took a big bunch of the most illegal body building substances on the planet. Tis the same guy, in the same body, tis juts that the body is ridiculously faster and stronger. Now the Spyder Xtra has become the Spyder E-99 Review of the Spyder E 99 The Spyder E-99 practically the same as the Xtra, it just that the E-99 has the ESP frame which is a beefed up fully automatic elctronic trigger whereas the Spyder Xtra has the older semi auto type trigger. Talking about “roid” heads though, who usually burn themselves out after a few minutes of exertion, the Spyder E-99, even though it is basically just the Xtra on “roids”, is actually pretty durable and has mucho staying power and reliability

What you get in the box

·3 Allen keys
·Barrel plug/unblocker
·Spare O-rings
·One year warranty and owners manuel
·9v battery and charger

Please note, make sure you purchase a 9V battery if you wish to use the Spyder E-99 straight out of the box. The battery in the box obviously is not charged and takes time to do so. If you think you would be just too plain excited to wait around while the battery charges, do yourself a favour and get a 9V battery in advance, preferably a re-chargeable one so that while your using one, the other can be at home charging ready for your next foray.

Review of the Spyder E 99


Available in both blue and black, both with anodised finishes, the Spyder E-99 definitely has the look of a more expensive paintball marker. I must say the anodised electric blue is the coolest colour, it has a sort of almost futuristic feel to it.

You may get some admiring glances from you mates as to the coolness of the gun in hand, but watch the anodised finish. Electric blue never camouflages well own in the woods and the sun (if its out) can catch the frame, giving the enemy a glinting giveaway to your position.

Looks in a nutshell:

For the price of the Spyder E-99, it looks a million bucks, especially in the anodised electric blue. But, be warned, watch out for the glaring sun with a nice reflecting gun and bear in mind electric blue and the greens and browns of the neighbouring woods are a nice contrast in colour Review of the Spyder E 99


·ESP electronic trigger frame with 4 firing functions (semi auto, fully auto, 3 round and 6 round)
·Two fingered trigger fro greater trigger control
·Mini expansion chamber in the fore-grip of the gun
·Drop forward
·Sight rail
·Low pressure chamber that is of greater size than the previous Xtra model
·Anti double feed
·Thumb velocity adjuster

How does this baby shoot??

With the varying firing modes that are available on the Spyder E-99 due to the electronic ESP frame (semi auto, fully auto, 3 round and 6 round) you can get a firing rate with the lowest around 5-6 bps in bursts up to 13 bps in fully auto.

However, if you want to use the higher fire rate capacities the Spyder E-99 has at its disposal, i.e. anything above 7-8 bps, there is a problem with the ball loading. The standard loader on the gun has trouble keeping up with the higher firing rates. This isn’t the only worry; there is a fair amount of kickback on the gun during firing. This can and does lead to some of the cheaper paintballs breaking inside the loader and the barrel…not good. In order to keep up with the firing demand a quality motorized/electric hopper is a definite must. Get one of these and it pretty much eradicates the chopping problem in the Spyder E-99

The kickback can also affect the accuracy over the slightly longer distances. But generally this gun offers good accuracy with its factory barrel, anything up to around 100ft or so. A better barrel could of course improve this, but if you are in no hurry to replace the stock barrel, then you can get by just fine.

The Spyder E-99 itself is light and pretty damn well balanced for a gun of this price. Some players may want to get a higher capacity hopper which may adjust the balance a tad, but not so that it is really noticeable.

One problem is though, as far as handling goes is that the rear grip is a tad on the chunky and fat side. If you have quite small hands, this gun can be a little difficult to handle and fire.

The Spyder E-99 also has a quality trigger:- light and responsive although a tad on the long side.

Using CO2 produces few problems and is fine as far as ballistics go. But compressed air still produces the smoother, more consistent firing results.

How the E-99 shoots in a nutshell: The gun has a variety of firing rates (5-6 bps all the way up to a dizzying 13bps) However, if you decide you want to fire over around 7-8 bps, you’ll have some problems with the standard hopper. A motorized hopper is a must to keep up with the higher firing rates capable by the Spyder E-99.

The gun is well balanced and performs best with compressed air, although CO2 poses no major problems. Watch for the slight kick back of the gun as it can sometime affect accuracy.


The Spyder E-99, as with newer Spyders’ in general is a comparative breeze to clean. Although keeping the manual handy at first is most definitely advisable for the first couple maintenance jobs. But after you have gotten used to the frame, it should take no longer than 2-3 minutes to dismantle and throw back together again. The key to really making this gun last in terms of performance is keeping the parts well oiled, the gun should last for at least 2 years of steady paintball abuse if you keep the gun parts oiled over.

Besides that, just keep a spare 9v battery charged and ready to replace the used one while it charges up again and you should be on your way Review of the Spyder E 99

Maintenance in a nutshell: Maintaining the Spyder E-99 is not a tricky, time consuming effort. Just consult the manual from the start and it should be a breeze. Make sure the parts are kept well-oiled and the gun will run well. Besides that always keep the a spare 9v battery fully charged to be ready to replace the used battery

Suitable for…

An excellent gun for the rec ball player, and with a few upgrades you could see this baby on tournament level competition. It also has the speed and firepower for speedball players.

In terms of the price of the Spyder E-99, it is fantastically good value for an electronically triggered gun, making it a good purchase for both the beginner and the more experienced player. The beauty of this gun is, is that it can grow with the player. It performs well at a recreational level, but with a couple of upgrades this baby has the potential for tournament level play.

Well lets round all this up then shall we…

The Spyder E-99 is the Xtra on “roids”. The E-99 is essentially the same as the Xtra except the electronic trigger courtesy of the ESP frame which the E-99 is endowed with, which allows for 4 different firing rates. The Spyder E-99 has a definite cool, futuristic look but its anodised finish doesn’t help the camouflage efforts in the woodsball environment.

The gun has good firepower potential, allowing anything from around 5-6 bps up to 13 bps in fully auto mode. The gun has some kickback and a motorized hopper is a must to keep up with the E-99′s faster firing rates to prevent chopping and ball breaks.

Maintenance is not a worry, it’s pretty straightforward. In terms of suitability, its price and ability make for a fantastic starter gun as well as being at home more experienced player. With some upgrades, this gun has the potential to make a quality tourney or speedball gun also.

Basically, it’s just a good, solid marker with fantastic potential. And it’s available at a very satisfactory price. Would perform up to an excellent level with additional upgrades.

4 and 1/4 Splats (out of five)