Review of the Tippmann Pro Carbine

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The Tippmann Pro Carbine gun is the oldest gun in the Tippmann range that I have reviewed. Do not discount the guns age against its workability, you do that at your peril. Believe me, you don’t not want to be at the sharp end of this baby (then again, you could probably say that about most guns Review of the Tippmann Pro Carbine ). Saying that though, this baby does look more intimidating than most with its eerily rifle-like characteristics. Seriously though, the Tippmann Pro Carbine is a workhorse and a half, damned reliable piece of paint splattering equipment.

As a separate point, I want to point out that Tippmann no longer manufactures the Pro Carbine, but there are sellers that still sell them. This site will put you in contact with those sellers that still continue to sell the remaining Tippmann Pro Carbines.

What you get in the box

Find out, but would be along the lines of:

· Hopper
· Gun oil
· 4 allen keys
· Barrel plug
· Wire squeegee

Owners manual and one year warranty from Tippmann


Once again, the Tippmann gun designers have obviously spent many sleepless nights contemplating the looks of this gun Review of the Tippmann Pro Carbine No, seriously, Tippmanns previous experience in manufacturing more realistic looking guns when they went through the “replica gun” phase of their history, really shines through here. Don’t believe me, take one look at the photo of the Tippmann Pro Carbine…Well golly gee, sure looks like as rifle to me. Its one of those things that either floats your boat or not, you either love the realistic feel or hate it.

The guns only available in a customary black finish. The colour does suit it though.

Review of the Tippmann Pro Carbine

Looks in a nutshell:

While the Tippmann Pro Carbine would not win any paintball gun beauty queen pageants, it sure does have a very distinct individual feel. This distinct individual style very much stems from the mean, rifle-like look this baby has. Either love it or hate it, the Tippmann Pro Carbine has a very realistic look and feel to it. Available only in black.


· Semi-automatic
· steel braided bottomline
· Cycle rate: 7 bps
· Shoulder strap included
· CVX system retained from Carbine model, to prevent velocity drop of balls due to CO2 chilling
· 1 year warranty, full parts & labor

How does this baby shoot??

Accuracy:This is not the first Tippmann where its stock barrel lets the gun down straight off the mark, it certainly won’t be the last. Nah, its not that bad, but it does tend to be a let down over longer distances (85-100ft). Beyond these distances, there begins some accuracy issues. Over the shorter distances i.e. below 85 ft target range, the barrel performs quite admirably.

So, my heartfelt recommendation is to purchase a new barrel with the Tippmann Pro Carbine to increase the long-range accuracy of this gun. Try the stock barrel out though first before you try new barrel, you will see and fell the difference though!! There is another reason why I definitely would consider buying s new barrel with this gun and that is this. The Tippmann Pro Carbine is by no means a fast firing gun, but it would make a decent sniper-style for -those who like to pick their shots. Long-range accuracy is a must any snipers list.

Balance:The gun is a little heavy and un-wieldy, which in a longer game could tire someone quicker and Tippmann Pro Carbine could become a bit of a burden. The gun is a little off balance in feel too, with more weight located at the back of the gun, rather than it being centralised.

Trigger:The trigger is a little heavy and long, which most definitely affects the rate at which you fire the gun. The fingers can also get tired a little quicker when you fight to get higher firing rates from this semi auto. However, there is a cheap remedy for this, purchase a $2 SL-68 trigger spring and you’ll notice the effect it has on the trigger performance!!

Firing Rate:A solid if a little uninspiring 7 bps. High-pressured air gets the better firing rates but CO2 works just fine. That said though, if you purchase the Tippmann Pro Carbine, you’ve got in your hands one of the most dependable and reliable, not to mention rugged-as-hell 7 bps firing marker in the industry Review of the Tippmann Pro Carbine

How the Pro Carbine shoots in a nutshell:

Good accuracy over short distances (below 85 ft) but poorer over distances over 85ft. This I down to the stock barrel that comes with the Tippmann Pro Carbine. So replacing the barrel should be the first upgrade on the agenda. The Pro Carbines trigger is a little heavy and long, which can affect your firing rate. A $2 SL-68 trigger spring can remedy this problem. The weight of the gun can be problematic over longer game times and the back weighting of the rifle makes it a little trickier to position well for firing. But after all that negative stuff, if you purchase this gun, you’ve got in your hands one of the most dependable and reliable, not to mention rugged-as-hell 7 bps firing marker in the industry Review of the Tippmann Pro Carbine

Maintenance in a nutshell:

Suitable for…

One for tourneys and speedball the Tippmann Pro Carbine is not…it doesn’t fire quick enough or is responsive enough and it’s a tad heavy for quick movement.

That said, it makes a perfect gun for a weekend down in the woods or for general rec play and with a new barrel, you’ve got a sniper gun that can perform!!

For its price you would be better to invest in 98 Custom or Custom Pro gun (which are actually cheaper as well as having better firing rates and upgradeability). That goes for the beginner looking for a cool first gun or the more experienced player.

Well lets round all this up shall we…

All in all, the Tippmann Pro Carbine is for a weekend warrior woodsball or rec player, that has a penchant for picking his shots and sniping. Best grab a new barrel to improve long-range accuracy for sniping and an SL-68 trigger spring to ease the stiffness of the trigger for a better firing rate. The gun looks like a rifle, so you have to be a lover of the more realistic looking guns before you go for the Tippmann Pro Carbine.

Okies, so you’ve got on your hands here, one mean looking, modest 7 bps firing paintball gun on you hands here that would feel most at home in a sniping rec or woodsball player. Sorry, not forgetting reliable of course Review of the Tippmann Pro Carbine

3 3/4 Splats(out of five)