Review, Rate and Find Private Campgrounds

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Enjoy all the comforts of home while staying in a private campground relaxing in the great outdoors. Many have all the luxuries of home, allowing you to leave your worries and problems behind.
Where else can you kick back and do nothing except the things you enjoy while your kids are off swimming, hiking, playing games, or doing some other activity. It is a vacation that has something to do for everyone.

Several offer such amenities as playgrounds, swimming pools, convenience stores, game rooms, snack bars, and spas. Even at the smaller ones, you can expect to get a minimum of water, sewage and electric hookups along with restrooms and shower facilities. Quite often they are near towns, restaurants, and local attractions.

Review, Rate and Find Private Campgrounds

Security, cleanliness and appearance can also vary greatly at private parks. Most are very clean, well lighted, and the grounds are fenced in. Some have guards patrolling the grounds. However, because they are privately owned, each one should be judged on their own individual merits.

Private campgrounds generally cost more than public ones, sometimes as much as a motel room. However, the extra amenities usually make up for it. One thing to remember, they resemble a resort more than a means of truly getting back to nature.

Before taking a dog, check with the campground first. Remember, be considerate of other campers around you. Keep your dog leashed, quiet, and cleanup after him.