Riding Fakie

Riding fakie is very important when learning new tricks, as the starting and ending stance can change and become an important part of a trick, also if you do not quit manage to land a trick, being able to ride this waY will help you with your landing… and if you cant do it, it may make for an embarrassing landing… so it its a good idea to work on this.

Basically the easiest way to do this is to go back to the beginning, traversing the slow… and learn how to make skidded turns riding this trick, Basically do everything you learned to do the first time, but with switched stance.

Snowboard Tricks

Snowboarding tricks are heaps of fun, you may even end up learning or pulling them off by mistake, many a jump, turn, grind, and pipe encounter has been full with impressive flukes.

If you are anything like me… I learned to do this by mistake when first learning to ride, its really handy for keeping down a steep incline if you want to keep an eye on who what and where to go. Once you have got the hang of riding and switching stance, you can mix it up, and try riding down the mountain using either type of riding.

Riding Fakie