Roman shades for set of two windows

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by Melissa
(Fayetteville, NC)

I have a set of two windows together and also a set of three windows together…I was wondering how to buy Roman Shades for them.

Should I buy one for each window width or one for all three, which would probably have to be a custom size because of how wide it would have to be.

I am just trying to come up with some window dressing solutions. Any ideas or suggestion…thanks.


Roman shades for set of two windows

Hi melissa

I prefer to have several roman blinds side by side. I just prefer the look over very wide ones.

Also for practical purposes it is far easier to pull up a smaller roman shade. Than a very wide one. It puts a lot of strain on the mechanism. Also the fixings holding the shade up could start to work loose.

If you go with multiple roman shades. You then have the option of opinion them to different levels either for privacy or light control. While still letting in some light or being able to see out.

Best regards