Romantic Ideas for Romantic Occasions

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Romance and the need for new romantic ideas are returning to the world. You can see it in fashions, art and the way that men and women are interacting. Gone are the days of the stereotypical male and female, but courtship and romance endure. Now that we have abandoned old practices and ideas of dating and gift giving, new ideas must be found and embraced.

Romantic ideas are everywhere, but we guys have gotten rusty at using them. They are great when they are chosen correctly, but can be disappointing when they are not. This is the place to find the romance of old, transformed into the romance of the current times. Here you will find ideas and secrets that will help you court the girl of your dreams, or keep romance alive with the girl of your life, young or mature. Lets get started.

Maybe its just me, but there have been several times when I gave my special someone a gift that was immediately put in a drawer, never to be seen again. Things that I thought were great, but were not. There were vacation ideas that seemed perfect to me, but not to her.

If your girlfriend or wife was on a national radio program and talked about your romantic ideas for gift giving and anniversary celebrations, would feel confident, or would you want to leave the country? If you are like me, there have been times when a passport would have been required.

As a result of these “missteps”, I have spent years finding out how to find the perfect gift, the perfect vacation, or the perfect romantic night out, and I want to share these ideas with you.

Romantic Ideas for Romantic OccasionsRomantic Ideas for Romantic Occasions

See, the problem is that the really bad romantic ideas never die. There is always the embarrassing, “ Remember the time you gave me ____?” conversation. This normally occurs in front of a group of friends who turn to you thinking, “What kind of a guy are you?” I want you to find the gift that keeps on giving, not the gift that never dies.

The things I have learned have resulted in my wife telling stories that make her friends jealous. One of her complaints to me is that when her friends are dishing the dirt on their husbands or boyfriends, she doesn’t have much to add to the conversation. What a problem to have!

I guarantee that I am not perfect, but through research (and a lot of painful trial and error) I have found several ways to plan the perfect romantic date, give the perfect gift, or experience the most romantic vacation of your life.

If you have a special event coming up and need a romantic idea, you have come to the right place. Its all here – romantic ideas for gifts, vacations, anniversaries, romantic dates, and activities. The difference is that you get all the information on how to pick the perfect gift or activity.

Romantic Ideas for Romantic Occasions

Ladies – The Romantic Gentleman addresses mostly ideas on how guys can do a better job of finding the perfect romantic ideas and gifts for you. It may come as no surprise to you that we need a little help in this area. If you look through the site, you will find ideas and discussion that a gentleman would have – nothing that should be embarrassing. If you find ideas that help you, that is great. If you find ideas that would help your boyfriend or husband – refer them here. Tell them that it is the first place you have found that has good romantic ideas from a guy’s point of view.