Roofing Tools- Essential roofing tools

If you want to repair your own roof (like many hands-on homeowners), then you need a roofing tools. But watch out – not every tool you see is in the hardware indispensable. To keep costs low, you need to keep your roofing tools set lean but mean. Here are three of the essentials worth investing in.

Hammer Tacker. An all-steel, carbon-hardened and chrome-plated hammer tacker will last you a very long time. Choose models with power grip handles for added manageability. Some even have special rear loading locks and jam proof construction. The staple range should be 0.25”, 0.31”, 0.37” and 0.5”. Expect to spend around $30 for a good piece.

Roofing Tools  Essential roofing tools

Shingle Ripper. The shingle ripper is one of he most indispensable roofing tools. For about $17, you should be able to get a hardwearing one (preferably hand-forged and made of high carbon steel). The shingle ripper should be able to strip off a shingle without denting the piece detached nor the adjacent pieces. A 24-inch long ripper is ideal. Choose something lightweight for easier handling.

Nail Grip Puller. You need tough roofing tools to tug out nails when their heads are set in all types of materials, may they be wood, metal, concrete, or wall board. This is what nail grip pullers do. Choose something made with hardwearing jaws and neck, made of drop-forged alloy steel, if possible. The handle of these roofing tools should be made of cast iron. The ideal length is about 19 inches, but most of these roofing tools can be fully-extended to about 24 inches. Some models have ‘box joints’ that help align the jaws perfectly and help you work more precisely. Nail pullers are a little more expensive at about $40, but they will make roofing work much faster and easier.