Room darkening window treatments?

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by Annette
(Laurinburg NC)

My 81 year old mother just moved into a school that was converted into apartments. The school was built 100 years ago. As you can imagine the windows are very high and long.

She has 4 windows in her living room and 3 in her bedroom. The windows have blinds in them but as soon as the sun comes up in the am it is very bright in the room not allowing for sleeping late.

Can you think of any window treatment that would allow her to darken her room if she chooses to? Buying room darkening blinds would be way too expensive because of the length of the blinds.

Room darkening window treatments?

Hi Annette

Without knowing the exact size of your windows it’s hard to be exact. If they are not enormous then you may find some ready made blackout curtains that will do the job well.

This would be the cheapest way to cover these windows.