RTR (Ready to Run) vs. BIY (Build it Yourself) Remote Control Cars

RTR or BIY? Great question you should be asking yourself whether your brand new to the hobby or a moderately experienced rc hobbyist.


With the hobby growing day by day RTR rc cars have become very popular not only by the newbie’s but people that have been in the hobby for a number of years. In past years RTR models have been very limited to quality of parts and available aftermarket accessories but just like the hobby, times have changed. Now RTR models are coming with parts many experienced hobbyist would drool over like FM radios, titanium and carbon fiber parts just to name a few.

RTR (Ready to Run) vs. BIY (Build it Yourself) Remote Control Cars


Many hobbyists, primarily the experienced ones prefer to build their rc cars. Some feel that it gives you more of a gratis faction out of the finished product, rather than buying and running it right out of the box. Most build it yourself models come with everything you need but the engine, radio, servos, wheels, and tires. Basically everything you would change later down if you were to buy a RTR model. The build it yourself models are aimed at the hobbyist who want to build an rc car for racing purposes. Not to say you couldn’t have a build it yourself model for backyard bashing or street thrashing fun but it’s just not practical.


To anybody just getting into the hobby I would recommend a RTR model. There great to start out with considering you are going to spend over twice as much to build it yourself rather than buying a RTR model. For someone that is not new to the hobby and wanting to expand I would recommend a build it yourself only if you are planning to race it, other than that I think it would be a waste of time and money.