Run Your Car On Water

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These days, with petrol prices increasing, you are probably considering how to save money at your local petrol station.

You must now consider your options. One new approach is running your car on water (Hydrogen) in conjunction with petrol. This saves you money on your running costs. Running your car on water also benefits our planet as less emissions are released from your car. Those tiny particles get into our lungs and are actually causing twice as many deaths each year, compared to road fatalities in your country. Shocking.

Run Your Car On Water

The technology to run cars on Water (H2O) is now FACT.

It’s already being used on a limited basis in the USA. In L.A, 30 stations have hydrogen pumps, and is likely to be spread as the general public gain acceptance of using Water to run your car

If you search online, H2O conversion-kit how to guides cost anywhere from $50 to around $400 and this is not including supplies and labour to get the job done.