Sachertorte: The most famous cake in the world

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When I picked up the May/June 2010 issue of BackHome magazine and came across this Sachertorte Recipe I was shocked to say the least.

“This is probably the most famous chocolate cake of all time” claimed the magazine article…

Then what had I never heard of it? something just didn’t add up.

So, I decided to do a bit of Research.

Indeed the Sachertorte is in its 178th year of existence. This dense chocolate cake, named after its Viennese inventor, Franz Sacher, was invented in 1832 for Klemens Wenzel, Prince von Metternich.

The story goes that Franz Sacher was merely 16 years old, and an apprentice pastry cook, when he concocted this kitchen classic. The head chef was charged with the task of creating an impressive dessert for the above named Prince Metternich who was hosting several important guests. But when the chef became ill at the last moment the task fell to his disciple.

Sachertorte: The most famous cake in the world

The Sachertorte consists of two layers of dense chocolate cake (traditionally sponge cake), with a thin layer of apricot jam in the middle, smothered with a dark chocolate icing.

The “Original Sacher Torte” is available exclusively at the Vienna and Salzburg locations of the Hotel Sacher, at the Cafes Sacher in Innsbruck and Graz, at the Sacher Shop in Bozen, in the Duty Free area of the Vienna airport and via the web at the Hotel Sacher’s online shop.

The recipe of the Hotel Sacher’s version of the cake is a closely-guarded secret. Supposedly the secret to the Sacher Torte’s desirability lies not in the ingredients of the cake itself, but rather those of the chocolate icing. According to widely available information, the icing consists of three special types of chocolate, which are produced exclusively by different manufacturers for this sole purpose.

It is, arguably, one of Vienna’s most famous culinary contributions, and perhaps one of the oldest cakes on record, but the most famous cake in the world? I find that to be a bit of a stretch…

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